Wine innovatios in marketing and packaging of 2016

30 diciembre 2016

Wine innovatios in marketing and packaging of 2016

2016 was the year of many innovations in marketing and packaging in wine industry. New business developments and innovations in packaging which aroused much interest and in turn, led to great embarrassment, it was the case of canned wine, blue wine and hundreds of new applications and accessories.

Canned wine returned to collect presence with a relaunch of this format in the American market. Although it is not really so new, since there are news that, in 2003, sold the first units of canned wine but without much success. Now there are new habits of consumption and curious public of new ideas and flavors.

Not only arises from a need for specialization in marketing, many companies are betting on this new packaging ensures that it is most economical, recyclable and easy to transport.

Even the chain of stores gourmet "Whole Foods" is betting on Tin. It is less expensive than glass, light weight and perfect for the current mobile lifestyle. For large stores, loss of product and transportation costs have always been a concern in their budgets.

The explosive growth in the consumption of wine in the United States, mobile lifestyles, and environmental concerns has brought from the packaging and ease of transport to the fore. Wine packaging in lightweight plastic (PET) appeared on the shelves of supermarkets, followed by wine in Tetra Pak (packaging of milk).

At 2016 met something that seemed impossible: Blue wine. An innovative and very risky proposal created by Gik, a Spanish startup that aims to redefine the experience of drinking. They did it in collaboration with the University of the Basque country and Azti Tecnecalia, a food research team, and the wine is composed of red and white grapes from various vineyards in all Spain.

Blue comes of a combination of anthocyanin (a pigment that is found in the skin of the grape) and coloring Indigo, and as Gik explains in its website, chose the color because represents "el movement, the innovation and the infinito"

Today there are apps, accessories, gadgets and even smart tags that detect when a bottle is opened, and h asta are available taps to serve wine by the glass in restaurants, and up to a glass serving decanter. Only time will tell future awaits to the commercialization of these new products.

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