2016 The Year of the Godello

26 octubre 2015

2016 The Year of the Godello

Wine consumption in America has grown in the last 3 years and keep it going. US has become the largest buyer of wine in the world . It has not only increased the sale of wine per capita but the characteristics of the public are seeking nuevoas especializdo and varieties , try new regions and learn more about this topic

This coming year, it will certainly be a good year Godello, so say international experts, who increasingly expose this variety in newspaper articles and magazines especializadasç In the United States Godello it has many seguirdores among professionals, experts, sommeliers and place it as one of the finest in Spain whites.

This fruity and light white variety, can be found in 3 Denominacionesde origin Ribeira Sacra, Monterrei, and Valdeorras, the latter being the most representative. Although addition of Galicia can be achieved in the Bierzo Godello has its origins in Galicia.

The first Godello vineyard was planted in 1885 in Portela, located in Galicia, exactly in the DO Valdeorras.  The history of this white wine goes back 130 years when the winemaker José Ramón Gayoso started planting vines Godello on the high slate slopes of the village of Portela. These stones are named wine "Pedrouzos" of the winery Valdesil.